Sephora Color Course

I led interaction, animation, and prototyping for this project. Collaborated with in-house designers and illustrators for branding and visual.

It's all about confidence

People wear makeup because it makes them feel confident. This mini web game is designed to educate Sephora customers about the Color Correction technique in a light-hearted way, so they can feel comfortable about using this seemingly radical technique. In the first week of launch, the game generated $80,000+ purchase orders of Color Correction products.

The basic game flow

Picking a Concern

After picking a skin type, people will pick a concern to solve. The animation is designed to make the experience feel more game-like and serendipitous.

Color theory

The color wheel illustrates the fundamental theory this makeup technique is based on. The friendly copy explains and guides people to pick the right color for the corresponding skin problem.

Moment of truth

The video at the end reassures people that Color Correct can actually solve skin problems.


Due to time and tech constraints, this game is only optimized for mobile :/