Side project.

Build a habit of gratitude

My personal journal of 10 years

Psychologically, the act of writing reinforces our thinkings and feelings. The concept of this app is to help people build a habit of writing down what they are grateful for everyday, enhancing their sense of happiness and fulfillment overtime.

Some early sketches

Branding for mindfulness

A soothing teal was chosen to enhance mindfulness while writing. Roboto Slab was used to represent the quality of thoughtfulness from hand-writing.

Logo Design

The concept was an old-styled feather pen, inducing a nostalgic sentiment from writing with pen and ink.


The use of color makes the writing experience more mindful and thoughtful. Subtle and smooth animations used to inform users the start and end of the action.


A drop-down calendar helps people go back in time and read their old journal. The fading animation helps represent the concept of months and save space.

Forming a habit

Reminder notification is used to help people form a habit and write regularly.