Globality Product Design

Globality enables small and medium size service businesses to participate and compete at in the global economy. Following are some of the projects I’ve done.

Created a visual design system

One of my biggest accomplishments at Globality is creating a design system. The system greatly improved visual consistency of the product, and enabled the product team to collaborate with engineers more efficiently.

The design system is…


Simple elements work together to create a sense of trust.


Maximizes clarity to make the complex user journey of doing global buiness simpler.


The system optimizes efficient use of space for all types of screens and devices.


The system supports an international audience from all backgrounds.


The system enforces high level of visual consistency and interaction patterns.


The system continues to evolve based on changing user needs and business requirments.

Designed a collaboration system to increase conversion and close rates

A set of features to enable collaborations across the boarders, between mutiple personas, internal stakeholders and external business partners. The system enables all-in-one-place collaboration with an intuitive messaging UI, and allows people to complete a series of business processes, such as enterprise negotiation, proposal, contract, payment, and more.

Designed a better proposal process to increase conversion rate

Requesting proposal is one of the most important processes in client-provider relationships. It determines which providers client will select. I redesigned the process of requesting and submitting proposal, as well as the visual of the proposal template. With a more intuitive proposal process, we increase the likelihood of clients selecting a provider we recommend.

Data visualization: help clients compare providers and make better decisions

Many clients asked for a “side by side comparison” feature to help them identify and select the best providers for their projects. Currently, they go through this process tediously on a spreadsheet. In addition to a simple comparison feature, we dived deeper and explore how we can help clients make better decisions with our proprietary data.

Built the practice of prototyping into the product building process

Before I came in, the product had no animation. Today, everyone on the product team thinks about animation. Our goal is not to have fancy animations everywhere, but to have useful animations that help the people understand the value of the product.

Navigation system for a conversational UI

A clear and easy navigation structure to help multiple types of users, such as stakeholder and procurement officers, move through critical business processes and access important documents. The challenge was to layer the navigation on top of our main conversational interaction pattern without overtaking it.

Some explorations on navigation structure

A tooltips system to help users navigate complex business journey

I collaborated with customer success team to identify points of confusions and developed a set of tooltips to help users navigate through the long and complex journey of global business partnerships.

Designed for growth and engagement

I worked with PMs, customer success and marketing teams on a series of creative campaigns to increase user growth and engagement rates. These campaigns include embedding a mini site on client's intranet, useful email notifications, and more.

Wireframes for a growth campaign

Designed internal tools to increase efficiency of our business operations

As our key value proposition, our team of vertical experts (such as legal, marketing, and energy) helps our clients find the best business providers, and navigate through business processes in a personal way. I worked on tools that help them work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

Wireframes for an internal content configuration tool

Run design workshops

At Globality, I led design workshops to foster collaboration, generate ideas, set product visions, and create team alignments.