Eightfold AI

Eightfold AI's mission is to match the right person with the right job.

Simplified user flows to increase product adoption and usage

I lead the UX and visual design for the core talent acquisition product. The main users are recruiters looking for talents to fill their positions. My objective is to help recruiters find good candidates efficiently. Key metrics are improved product adoption and usage.

An exploration for search and filter interactions.
Simplifying use flows to remove frustrations.

Made AI more understandable to build trust

One key differentiator of Eightfold is using AI to understand candidates' career tracks holistically. How might we explain enough how the AI thinks so people can build understanding and trust to the product, while not explaining too much so people get confused?

Explaining why the AI thinks this candidate is a good match to this job.

Designed an analytic tool to help recruiters understand their pipelines

I am the lead designer on this project. It's an analytic product to help recruiters understand their position pipelines. It also helps recruiting managers drive data-driven actions within the organization.